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2020 HR Technology Trends Paving The Way For 2021 And Beyond

2020 HR Technology Trends Paving The Way For 2021 And Beyond

HR Trends Paving The Way For 2021

DarwinBox, a cloud-based human capital management platform, has 4 shares in its state of HR tech report defining digital workplace trends from 2020.

In a report surveying 180+ HR leaders from 145 Asian enterprises, DarwinBox has compiled the ‘State of HR Tech’ which highlights the organizational response to COVID-19 that identifies short-term and long-term trends that Talent and technical needs will continue to shape. in future.

“2020 was the year that changed everything – the way we live, work, or connect. As the epidemic presented an unprecedented challenge, we saw HR leaders protecting employees, ensuring business continuity Immediate steps to do, and build resilience. At a time when immediate action was taken. Important, most leaders adopted a new agenda – one that is digital-first and agile.

This movement, which started in 2020, will continue in 2021 and there are 4 trends that will dominate the HR technology landscape.

  • Trend 1: Accelerated Digital Transformation

A survey found that 84% of organizations have either adopted at least one HR tech solution during the next 12 months of an epidemic or plan.

COVID-19 presented itself as the biggest driver for digital transformation as organizations found themselves in a position where they had to ensure business continuity while ensuring security. 58% of organizations adopted one or more HR technical solutions to meet these immediate priorities, while 26% reported to have undergone a full digital transformation project by 2021.

  • Trend 2: Cloud technology to the rescue

When it comes to adapting to new governance, cloud HRMS did 2X better than non-cloud counterparts and 3X better to ensure business continuity.

Organizations using cloud HR technology have been 55% and 50% more effective than others in remote engagement respectively and facilitate employee safety. The ability to go mobile-first, less reliance on IT, access and seamless integration are among the many benefits of cloud systems that make cloud HRMS best suited for the new normal.

  • Trend 3: 3 were the top 4 HR Tech investment solutions for remote task management

The report found that 60% of organizations invested in remote workforce management tools, 59% of digital hiring and onboarding, while 41% on video calling infrastructure.

The large-scale infrastructural investments already made in these technologies and organizations are coming out in favor of a remote workforce, a clear indication that remote work is here to stay.

  • Trend 4: Building Agility – The Most Important Objective of Digital Transformation

73% of organizations cited HR digital transformation as a top priority for becoming agile and future-ready organizations.

With a greater focus on building lean systems and processes, organizations have realized the importance of being able to spindle quickly and efficiently to sail through turbulence. Not only the present one but any disruption that may occur in the future.

Although 2020 saw the origins of these trends, they would define overall business and talent strategies in 2021 and beyond. Organizations are seizing the opportunities that the epidemic presents to better themselves and stay ahead of the curve.

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