Skills I Learned From My Father.

Tushar Celebrate Fathers Day

Experience Father Thought at Least Once-in-a-lifetime

Note: This is a tribute post to all fathers from UPDATE to all over the world, and I want to wish Happy Father’s Day to all the fathers., you can have the most wonderful time with your family!

Dr.Dilip Kumar Kabiraj (Block Veterinary Officer, Kosagumuda) Odisha

It was really heartening for me to express something around my father.

I am thankful that at the time of schooling my father came to the Science Exhibition Camp as the chief guest and at this time I got a chance to hear the speech, my father address in front of my batchmate.

3 D’s Formulae for a Good Human being :

  • 1. Discipline
  • 2. Determination
  • 3. Dedication

So far I have not forgotten that speech (I took it as a mentor’s advice).

I present to you, “Why I am inspired by my father”

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