Jaishankar says that human resource is at the root of India’s engagement with the world.

India is an essential source of 'trusted talent' for the global economy

India is an essential source of 'trusted talent' for the global economy

India is an indispensable source of ‘trusted talent’ for the global economy, and human resources are at the core of India’s engagement with the world.

Jaishankar said in the keynote address of the third annual conference, Protector of Emigrants, “India is an important source of reliable talent and competitive skills for the global economy today. Human resources are at the core of our engagement with the world.” The conference will focus on policies and practices that relate to all aspects of migration. And it is a very important responsibility and one that Prakash has acquired an even greater responsibility in the coronavirus pandemic, “he said, adding that Jaishankar further added that the focus was on the government to provide better opportunities and welfare measures to future migrants “We are engaged in negotiations with foreign governments to provide travel and opportunities through migration and mobility agreements,” he said. According to the Ministry of Foreign Affairs (MEA), the Protector of Protector would provide the current migrants with Responsible for granting emigration clearance. Rib. Under the Emigration Act, 1983. (ANI)

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