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Email introducing a new policy on accepting gifts within the company

Email introducing a new policy on accepting gifts within the company

New Gift Policy

An organization’s policies cannot remain stagnant, and need to evolve as its structure or processes themselves change and evolve. Along with revisions in existing policies, there could also be the introduction of a completely new policy. Employees need to be informed of such changes, as they are the ones who will be required to follow the rules diligently.

Here are a few things to include:
● State the policy name.
● State the purpose of the policy.
● Mention if any exceptions may be made.
● Mention the date from which the changes will come into effect.
● Mention the disciplinary action that might be taken if the policy is violated.
● Since it’s an email about a sudden change, ask employees to refer to the company’s full policy manual for comprehensive details.
● Also state to whom employees can reach out if they have any queries.


Subject: New gift policy

Dear all,

We are introducing a new gift policy for all permanent employees of [company’s name]. Effective from today, [date], no [company name] employee is permitted to offer or accept gifts of any value to/from any employee, vendor, customer, or any other external stakeholder.

This policy has been framed with the purpose of avoiding any breach of confidentiality or unnecessary exchange to the benefit of vested interests. It will also provide clarity to employees on where to draw the line when accepting or offering gifts.

For the avoidance of doubt, ‘gift’ here can mean anything such as pens, stands, shirts, watches, bags, chains, or similar that have some commercial value.

Please note that this also applies to all vendors and clients of [company name]. When you are offered a gift by someone, you are expected to politely refuse. In case there is a repeated request to accept the gift, please bring it to the notice of the HR department immediately. We expect our employees to demonstrate the highest standards of ethics in all matters when interacting with any internal or external vendors and suppliers.

The only exception to this policy is when someone receives a gift at an event or conference as a token of gratitude or appreciation. Cards and thank you notes are also exempted from the list of gifts.

If you receive a gift through courier or post, you may return it via the same means with a note stating that our policy does not allow this. Edible items given as a gift that can’t be returned must be shared with everyone.

The full policy has been added to the company’s policy manual. Please refer to it for any required clarification.

For any outstanding concerns, please contact your HR business partners.
Warm regards,
[Company name]

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