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HR Function Audit Checklist

HR Function Audit Checklist

HR Function Audit

Recruitment & Selection

  • Are there job descriptions for each position within the organization?
  • Are all job descriptions up to date?
  • Are current employees made aware of job openings within the organization?
  • Does the company use job advertisements?
  • Are applicants required to complete application forms for open positions?
  • Do application forms refrain from asking information about prohibited grounds?
  • Are unsuccessful candidates notified?
  • Is there a standard offer letter?
  • Is there a standard contract? Has it been checked by a lawyer?
  • Are all new hires reported to the CRA?
  • Are the references for job applicants checked?
  • Is attrition/turnover monitored?
  • Is the cost per new hire being calculated?
  • Are hiring costs within budget?
  • Is training provided for those who conduct interviews?

New Employees

  • Our workplace policies and procedures reviewed with all new hires?
  • Are company policies and procedures applicable to the work environment?
  • Are all policies and procedures communicated and enforced?
  • Is there an employee handbook?
  • Is the employee handbook specific to your workplace?
  • Is there an orientation or onboarding policy?
  • Are new hires provided an orientation?
  • Are new hires introduced to other employees, including management?
  • Are new hires trained appropriately for their job?

Training & Development

  • Are employees provided training for new processes and procedures required to complete their job duties?
  • Are employees provided with opportunities to develop their existing skills?
  • Are employees evaluated after completion of training programs?
  • Our training initiatives within budget?
  • How are managers and supervisors trained and prepared for their roles?

Health & Wellness & Safety

  • Are all employees provided with Health & Safety training?
  • Are all employees provided with emergency numbers, human rights commission, and labor board information?
  • Are employees encouraged to promptly report incidents, and suggest ways to reduce or eliminate risks?
  • Are workplace injuries, near misses and accidents being reported, documented, and investigated?
  • Our employees’ worker’s compensation files kept secure and separate from their employee files?
  • Is regular contact made with employees out on workers’ compensation?
  • Is there a Health & Safety Policy in place, and is it updated on an annual basis?
  • Is there an effective Return to Work Policy and Procedure in place?
  • Is the Health & Safety Policy posted in a conspicuous place and signed by the head of the organization?
  • Are there first aid stations with posted first aid regulations?
  • Are emergency evacuation plans and procedures established?
  • Are measures in place to prevent intruders from entering the grounds or buildings?
  • Is bright, effective lighting installed indoors and outdoors?
  • Is there a Health & Safety committee established?
  • Are workplace inspections conducted monthly and documented?
  • Are workplace inspections documents reviewed and signed by management?
  • Is there a policy on discrimination and harassment?
  • Is there an established wellness program?
  • Is the office and building infrastructure accessible to disabled employees?


  • Is there a formal pay structure?
  • Is the pay structure reviewed regularly?
  • Is there documentation pertaining to hours worked?
  • Has the compensation plan been communicated to all employees?
  • Are the appropriate payroll deductions being made?
  • Are employees paid on time, and is pay free from discrepancies?
  • Does the compensation structure adhere to employment standards?
  • Are there procedures developed pertaining to paid time off (vacation, stat holidays, etc.)?


  • Are there incentives in place?
  • Is there a benefit plan in place?
  • Are employees aware of the details of their benefit plans and incentives?
  • Who administers the benefits?
  • Is the employee’s health care information kept in a private, confidential location?
  • Is there a recognition program in place?

Performance Management

  • Is there a performance management policy in place?
  • Is the effectiveness of the performance management practices reviewed on a regular basis?
  • Is the quality and quantity of work evaluated?
  • Is there a correlation between performance and compensation?
  • Is there a process for employees to lodge complaints?
  • Is there a whistleblower policy?

Attendance Management

  • Is there an attendance management program?
  • Is there an effective leave policy in place?
  • Are workweeks identified and defined?
  • Our full-time and part-time hours defined?
  • Are shifts defined?

Recordkeeping and Documentation

  • Are employee files up to date and retained for the appropriate length of time?
  • Is employee information kept confidential?
  • Are records of all training (i.e. Health & Safety) received, maintained, and updated?


  • Do the goals of the Human Resources department align with those of the organization?
  • Our hours of work established for each role within the organization (including full-time and part-time)?
  • Is there open communication to and from the HR department?

Termination of Employment

  • Are exit interviews conducted?
  • Is the information garnered through
  • Is there a progressive discipline policy in place?
  • Is this policy communicated to all employees?
  • Do terminations adhere to employment standards with respect to notice, termination pay, etc.?


  • Are HR goals in line with those of the organization?
  • Is there open communication to and from the HR department?
  • Is the HR department/manager/leader at the same pay level as other senior executives?
  • Is the HR department/manager/leader consulted by the other senior executives during the planning
  • Are all supervisors and managers trained in all HR policies (discrimination, harassment, health, safety, etc.)
  • Is there a talent management plan in place?
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