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Identify the trust later from HR, it will be a scam

Don’t Trust The Next Mail You Get From HR

Don’t Trust The Next Mail You Get From HR

Don’t Trust The Next Mail You Get From HR, It Might Be A Scam

Hackers have found a simple way to get you through the mail from HR. So pay better attention to all or those mails of the HR department.

We all get mail from the HR department at least once every day, and mostly we ignore them. But scammers are trying to make the most out of it these days. As found by research and security firm Cofens, scammers are trying to steal the credibility of your office as part of a phishing campaign in the form of emails from the ‘HR department’. This widespread scam is expected to be targeted at employees who are working from home during the lockdown phase.

Mail apparently encourages them to remove their login details by filling out a remote work enrollment form.

Hackers are taking advantage of Microsoft’s own application to request the credit of a target employee. For those unaware, the Sway is free to use application that lets employees create newspapers or presentations and is widely used by professionals on a daily basis. It is being used by attackers to send emails with subject lines such as ‘Employment Enrollment Required’ or ‘Remote Work Access’ that claim to come from ‘Human Resources’.

The link inside the mail takes you to a fake phishing site to fill out the form, where the credentials can be stolen and possibly sold in the future. Scammers often use valid domains and URLs, “These campaigns remain uncontrolled for extended periods of time, possibly for a better number of compromised account credentials.”

Once the employee fills out the form that asks for his email ID and password and clicks ‘Submit’, logs in the details are sent to the threatened person.

We recommend employees to read such mail carefully before clicking on the malicious link. Users can hover the mouse pointer over the link to see where it is being redirected.

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