To provide a proper guideline, the company has provided facilities for this in terms of its use Employees to carry out their professional obligations effectively.

Operative Authority:

  • Accounting department

Operating Process:

Provide company employees will provide company mobile for business and professional Communications.
Available managers and senior managers and above will be provided with a cell phone
The nature of work provided by the company or done by the employee
He is required to maintain a cell and maintain contact for business purposes.
Provide The company will provide mobile to the officers/executives/seniors. Executive on joining, provided
The head of the department, or immediate superior, is of the opinion that
Officer / Executive / Senior. The executive needs to be in constant contact for business purposes.
 Mobile devices will be provided by managers and senior managers and above
7000 / – to 10,000 / – Rs. Officer / Executive / Senior. The executive will be provided with a mobile 4000 / – to 6000 / -.
An employee’s request for additional baggage that compliments the mobile baggage will not be met
by the company. Nor will there be any facility other than normal calling and short text messaging
Entertainment provided the company was already active, for added convenience
Permission from management. Mobile will be provided to all employees
Business purpose, if otherwise stated by management
If the employee loses his mobile or not, the company will not reimburse the employee
To change mobile provided to employees, if mobile is excluded
Condition of hatred
The company will bear the cost of the mobile if the mobile can be repaired, provided
The repair cost will not go beyond 65% of the original mobile cost.
The company will not be responsible for repairing the mobile if the original mobile facility is mobile.
Either tampered with or replaced by the employee.
Regards, the employee will receive all the necessary support in relation to the mobile and its service.
Provided by the company, with the company’s admin department.
If an employee makes the official tour national or international, it has to be changed
Their connections and the same have to be coordinated with the Department of Administration
To comply with the above condition, the Finance Department will only be authorized to pay.
Calls that are made within the first three days and are borne by the rest of the employee.

Total expenditure on mobile phone claim cannot exceed the limit given below:

Total expenditure on mobile phone claim cannot exceed the limit
  • On the official use announcement, mobile spending in excess of the approved limit per month
  • They will be reimbursed upon approval from their reporting manager and HR payment
  • Any additional calls made and identified/declared as official calls will be on a genuine basis.
  • Mobile bill reimbursement must be claimed within 10 working days
  • Day from bill submission date.
  • The signal, Employees, managers, and the above-mentioned executive will be eligible at the level of special duties Under the above policy.


  • Employees working on the basis of their work need to be constantly in touch with others
  • To participate in external work or office work through employees and mobile phones Also eligible under the above policy
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