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Appreciation email

Appreciation Email Template For HR Professional

Appreciation Email Template For HR Professional

It is good practice to reward employees whenever they do something significant for the organization. While monetary and material rewards go down very well, emails of sincere appreciation also play a major role in motivating employees and increasing their job satisfaction.

Good things to include in this type of email are:
● A summary of the good work the employee has done.
● Specific appreciative feedback on this work.
● Recognition of the significance of this work for the individual’s team and the wider organization.
● An indication of the company’s expectations from the individual going forward.


Subject: Expressing our appreciation

Dear [employee name],

I hope you are well!

I am writing this email to acknowledge your unique contribution to our organization.

Your team spirit and attitude of continual encouragement towards your peers have played a significant role in helping the team achieve its targets lately, and I want you to know that this has not gone unrecognized.

We appreciate all of your hard work and the support you routinely offer to your co-workers. Indeed, your superiors, co-workers, and clients have consistently mentioned your positive attitude and said that they hope to be able to continue working with you. To get such universally positive feedback is truly a remarkable achievement.

I also honestly feel that without the initiative you took to [give specific details], the team would not have been able to finish the [name] process on time. This deserves particular gratitude.

[Company name] sincerely appreciates your contribution, and we very much hope that you will continue to surpass our expectations in the future as well.
Again, thank you for all your support.

Warm regards,
[Company name]

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