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Email to introduce an employee referral bonus program

Email to introduce an employee referral bonus program

Introducing Employee Refferal Program

Existing employees are a great source of future recruitment. Companies value their employees’ opinions about who among their friends or relatives could be an asset to the company. While this can lead to savings in recruitment costs, it also becomes a tool for retaining employees. For this reason, most organizations have referral bonus programs.

While informing employees about such a programme through email, try to include the following:
● Explain the programme in detail.
● State any exceptions, if relevant.
● Mention why the programme has been introduced and its benefits to the company and employees.
● State what benefits will be due if a referral results in a hire.
● Thank them.


Subject: Introducing our employee referral program.

Dear all,

We are pleased to introduce a new employee referral program at the company!

At [company name], we have always valued our dedicated workforce. We also know the challenges an organization like ours can face while seeking new staff who can fit into our culture well. In the past, we have seen especially positive contributions made by employees who were referred by one of you.

Therefore, we have decided to reintroduce our employee referral programme from next year and provide opportunities for your family and friends through you. Referring to employees will be rewarded as well. Here’s how it will work.

Any eligible employee (by which we mean full-time and part-time regular employees, not interns, sorry!) will earn a reward of $2,000 if they refer an applicant and that person is hired by the company. The applicant must list your name as his or her referer at the time they first apply for a job. The referred employee must then remain employed with the company for a minimum period of six months.

To avoid any bias, employees from the recruitment team will not be able to participate in this program. Although they can refer anyone, they sadly won’t be eligible for a referral bonus.

To know further details about the policy, please obtain the policy manual from the Human Resources Office.

We look forward to your wholehearted participation in this program!

Warm regards,

[Company name]

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