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This guide is for folks new to the world of organizational management, as well as
veteran HR leaders looking to enhance their skills and think strategically. Our goal is
simple: to lay down the fundamental pillars of Human Resource Strategy. By taking a
deep dive into the basics, we can refresh our understanding of the key drivers of great
We recognize that at the core of any company is a workforce. As labor becomes
increasingly specialized and knowledge economies bloom, HRs will be tasked with the
increasingly complex task of managing professionals. HRs are here not only to support
their employers, but to further the careers of the employees they manage.
Human Resource teams are tasked with the goal of managing this group by keeping
them healthy and productive. Without HR teams, companies simply could not function.
Organizational structure, performance management, and process are critical to keep
things running smoothly.
Within the broad category of Human Resources, our experienced advisors have
identified four pillars that are critical for success:
1. Recruiting
2. Marketing
3. Performance
4. Employee Health
5. Compliance