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Sourcing & Shortlisting Method

Sourcing & Shortlisting Method

Sourcing & Shortlisting Method


Creating a definite and fair and transparent sourcing and shortlisting method, which will be both effective and profitable for the company

Operating Authority:

Human Resource (HR)

Operation Process:

Recruitment Source CV From Various Sources Like:

  • Database: Resumes that are live and active will be stored at a central location. And which is accessible to the entire human resource.
  • Head Hunt: Recruiters perform headhunting based on requirements. Comprehensive data has been created and stored that describes the core competency skills each company has. These headhunting calls are also tracked
  • Search Engines: We currently use one of the leading portals to access their unlimited database and unlimited job postings.
  • Consultants: If there are wholesale requirements or niche requirements, we use consultants at the discretion of management, the final decision will be of HR head and management.
  • Employee Referral: The employee refers to his friends to the company. And depending on the selection, the referenced employee is entitled to the referral amount (HR team will not be eligible for this scheme). The candidate coming down for an interview should bare the name of the employee who is telling him or her.

Depending on the profile and seniority of the candidates selected as regular employees, the candidate referral incentive will be different.

Candidate selected @ LevelReferral incentive
ExecutiveRs 1,000
Senior ExecutiveRs 2,000
ManagerRs 5,000
HOD & AboveRs 8,000
The Amounts Applicable are:

If the hiring candidates are considered for contract or as Consultants, depending on the profile and seniority of candidates.

Candidate selected @ LevelReferral incentive
Senior ExecutiveRs 2,500
ManagerRs 4,000
HODRs 5,000
VP & AboveRs 7,000
Candidate Referral Incentive Applicable Would be:
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