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Email inquiring about an employee who is on a prolonged period of leave

prolonged period of leave

Prolonged Period Of Leave

When an employee doesn’t resume work or does not contact his/her superior after an approved period of leave concludes, the organization should try to make contact. Usually, an email from the HR department is sent, asking the concerned employee to get in touch with the Human Resources team by a certain date.

Such an email should include the following elements:
● State the date from which the individual has been absent.
● Inform him/her that he/she doesn’t have any leave days remaining.
● Give one or two sentences that show concern for the employee.
● Talk about the disciplinary action that will be taken if this is a case of misconduct.


Subject: Warning owing to prolonged absence

Dear [employee name],

I am writing to address your prolonged absence from work since [date]. I wish to clarify a few things regarding your current leave status, [company name]’s expectations from you and your apparent failure to adhere to company policy in this respect.

Please note that your leave was approved from [date] to [date], and you were expected to report back to work on [date]. Neither have you reported back to work nor have we received any further communication from you. We would first and foremost want to check that you are well, but we have not received any medical certificate or even a leave request from you on medical grounds.

As per company policy, under these circumstances we must first put you on unpaid leave, commencing immediately after your available leave days are exhausted. If no communication is then received, there remains no option but to terminate your employment. Your absence has already exhausted all your available leaves and now you are in the stage of unpaid leaves.

We expect a reply to this email by [date], failing which we will be forced to terminate your employment, effective [last date of working].

Best regards,
[Company name]

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