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Email to reject a candidate’s internship application

Email to reject a candidate’s internship application

Decision on internship application EMAIL Template

Often, organizations have internship openings for candidates who are currently in college and want to gain work experience. Since they mostly do not yet have any experience under their belts, it is only their academic qualifications that can be the basis for assessing their capabilities. However, an organization might still fail to find candidates suitable for fulfilling the responsibilities they require and therefore want to send an email to inform those who applied for their rejection.

Here are some things to include when writing an email on this subject:
● Thank the candidate for showing interest in your organization.
● State that you found their profile interesting and saw merit in it.
● Mention in a line or two why you are rejecting his/her candidature, despite it being interesting.
● If his/her candidacy is very good, you may want to mention that you will retain their details for future reference, and undertake to get in touch if any suitable internship position becomes available in the future.


Subject: Decision on your internship application

Dear [candidate name],

Thank you for your application for the position of [designation] with [company name].

We reviewed your CV and were impressed with your background and the projects you have completed during your second year of higher studies. However, after careful review of your full application, we have decided to extend the current internship to another candidate who has completed two previous projects in the same industry.

We would like to retain your details in our database. In case of any requirements in the future where we find a match between the opening and your profile, we shall definitely consider your candidature. In the meantime, we appreciate your interest in our organization and wish you luck for all your future endeavors.

Warm regards,
[Company name]

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