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Email to welcome a new employee

Welcome Email by an HR Professional

Onboard A New Joinee Email Template

Any person joining a new organization is usually filled with anxiety and apprehension about whether or not they will be accepted well by their new co-workers. A welcome email from an HR professional that’s addressed to the whole team can help to relax the fresh recruit and impart a sense of new belonging. This becomes an important part of an effective orientation process.

Some key things to be included in your welcome emails are:
● Mention the correct name of the employee and the team/department that he/she will be joining.
● Provide a brief about his/her past education and experience.
● State one or more of their major past accomplishments.
● Put down the date and time they will be starting at the organization.
● Write something to indicate the organization’s excitement on their joining.
● Finally, with the individual luck and express hope for a great association.


Subject: A very warm welcome to [employee’s full name]

Dear all,

Please join with me in welcoming [employee’s full name], who will be joining [company name] on [date] in the role of [designation]. [He/she] will be reporting to [manager’s name].

[Employee’s first name] comes from [city or town] and has relocated to [city/town] for work. [He/she] was awarded [educational qualification] by [institute name]. Since then, [he/she] has amassed [number] years of experience in [field name].

In [his/her] spare time, [employee’s first name] loves to pursue activities like [list hobbies].

On behalf of the [company name] family, I again welcome [employee’s first name] and wish [him/her] a long and successful career with us.

Warm regards,
[Company name]

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