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Greetings email for a special day

Greeting email for an employee's special day

Greeting email for an employee's special day

Birthdays, anniversaries, kids’ birthdays, etc. are all special days in everyone’s lives. An employee, when wished by the organization on one of these landmark days, tends to feel more engaged as it helps to build a deeper connection with the organization. However, these same emails, if not written carefully, can have unwanted impacts on employees. Not everyone likes to be reminded that
another decade has passed!

These are some key elements of greetings email for special occasions:
● Congratulate and mention the reason.
● If it’s for completing a certain number of years with the company, you could mention whether it’s the second, fifth, or fiftieth occasion.
● If it’s for a birthday, you might skip the count, bearing in mind that some people are sensitive about their ages, and just state that the company wishes them.
● If it’s for an anniversary, send wishes for the couple’s forever growing relationship.
● If you personally share a personal bond with the employee, you may like to add a fun element, such as a memory or a joke.
● Reiterate your wishes.


Subject: Here’s wishing you a happy birthday!

Dear [employee name],

We hope that you’ll have a wonderful day on your birthday and that you’ll accomplish all the goals you have set for the year that lies ahead! May your coming years be filled with fun, love, and peace.

We have organized a small party in the office to mark the occasion, and would like to invite you to come down to the cafeteria at 3 pm. All your teammates are also invited.

Once again, we wish you a very happy birthday!

Warm regards,
[Company name]

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