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Increment Email Template

Increment Email Template

How To Write Increment Email

An employee’s good performance is often rewarded by way of an increment in his/her salary. This is also a way of balancing employees’ expectations vis-à-vis their performance. Usually, periodic salary hikes also depend on a variety of factors external to the employee, such as market conditions, organizational policy, the company’s overall performance, etc.

When writing an email to inform an employee about an increase in his/her salary, the HR department must keep the following in mind:

● Congratulate him/her on the increment.
● Thank him/her for his/her general contribution over the period of time.
● If the increment is a reward for individual performance, state how it has benefited the organization (e.g. boosting the overall growth of the company) and show appreciation
for this. Highlighting the individual’s contribution to the larger goals of the
organization serves as a means of motivation.
● Mention the increment amount or percentage in a numerical format.
● Express your future expectations from the individual and wish him/her the best in future endeavors.


Subject: Salary Increment

Dear [employee name],

The period [year/half-year/quarter] has been a wonderful one for the company and we have all met multiple objectives while overcoming challenges together in our various roles.

Your contribution during this period has been extraordinary, and as such it has played a significant role in the company’s overall progress towards meeting the ambitious targets we set for ourselves. We appreciate the hard work and dedication you have displayed towards delivering this performance and would like to take the opportunity to thank you for it.

In view of this, we are happy to inform you that the company has decided to award twelve percent (12%) increment in your salary. This will take effect from [date].

We hope this will please you, and that you will continue to achieve your goals and deliver brilliant results in the future as well.

Here’s wishing you the best of luck!

Warm regards,
[Company name]

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