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Promotion email

Promotion Email Template For HR Professional

Promotion Email Template For HR Professional

After the relevant periodic performance appraisal concludes, deserving employees are rewarded for their performance based on the achievement of their specific goals and the competencies displayed by them. A promotion, along with corresponding salary increment, may ensue. While the HR
the department must make sure to convey this good news to the concerned employee in person, they should also send an official email to the employee to confirm this information in writing.

The email should include the following:
● Thank the employee for his/her sincere dedication and contribution
● Mention the new designation that he/she has been promoted to.
● Mention the date on which the promotion will take effect.
● State relevant details about the new position, along with the reporting structure.
● Mention the increment in salary, if any.
● State the employee’s previous designation and mention a few instances of notably positive performances.
● Draw attention to a few other competencies that the employee has demonstrated that make him/her better suited to the new, more senior role.
● Indicate your expectations and wish the employee the best of luck.


Subject: Promotion

Dear [employee name],

I hope you are doing well!

As you know, our annual appraisal cycle has just concluded. As part of this, we have concluded that you have displayed a strong sense of goal achievement in your role as [original designation]. Based on your performance and the achievement of your targets during [time period], we are pleased to
inform you that you are being promoted to the next level as [new designation].

Congratulations on your promotion to this role, which will come into effect from [date].

In this role, you will be reporting to [manager’s name], [manager’s designation], and will be entitled to a revised compensation of [amount].

We appreciate your contribution towards the growth of the organization and expect that you will continue to fulfill your enhanced responsibilities just as diligently in your new role.

Congratulations once again on your promotion! Here’s wishing you a continued successful career at [company name].

Warm regards,
[Company name]

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