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Warning email for disciplinary action

Warning email for disciplinary action

Warning Email For Disciplinary Action

Any company’s policies and processes are meant to be adhered to by all of its employees. However, sometimes an employee’s actions go against the guidelines and the principles of a particular policy.
HR professionals then need to send a warning or even a termination email, depending upon the severity of the employee’s actions; this also depends on whether the employee has displayed such behavior in the past, making it a repeated act. A warning email is issued to inform the employee of a breach of policy.

However, a proper investigation must be done before issuing such an email, as it can impact the career and the morale of the individual. Once this has concluded, the essential elements of such an email are:
● State the unacceptable act/behavior that the employee has displayed.
● Mention the related policy or rule that this has breached.
● State how such an act/behavior impacts the organization in a negative manner.
● Explain the course of action that will be taken in the future to penalize the employee if the act is repeated.


Subject: Official warning

Dear [employee name],

I hope you are well.

I am writing this email to bring to your notice that there have been a total of five complaints made against you by colleagues, due to your unruly behaviour at work during the last three months. An internal inquiry has concluded that these complainants were right to report your aggressive tone of voice and body language, which was found to be threatening.

I wish to draw your attention to the employee handbook that was provided to you during your induction, which you signed to indicate your agreement to comply. In accordance with Clause 2 of the Code of Conduct policy, found within that book, you are being informed that such behaviors disrupt the harmony within the organization. This creates a negative culture in the workplace and is therefore unacceptable in our company.

Such behaviours also take us off the path towards achieving our goals. We are a value-oriented organization, and as such we expect you to improve your behaviour and always act as per the company policies.

The internal inquiry committee has ruled that this will be treated as your final warning for the violation of the company’s Code of Conduct policy. Any future repetition of this behavior will have terminal consequences. We hope you will pay attention to this warning, and that it will bring about a
positive change in your behavior.

Please feel free to contact me for any clarification.

Best regards,
[Company name]

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