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My Covid-19 Story, How I Confronted This Invisible Virus & Contracted It with The Proper Remedy

A Jagdalpur Boy Covid-19 Story

My Covid-19 Story Author. Tushar Kabiraj

I am Tushar Kabiraj, a resident of Jagdalpur, here I just wanted to share my experiences by posting an article about how I made my journey towards the novel Coronavirus and Contract. Youths have discussed the incubation period and self-determination before testing positive for COVID-19.

Recovering From Covid-19


Yes, I tested positive for COVID-19. I succumbed to this virus: a nasty, lethargic virus that gave me the worst symptoms I’ve experienced to date that I wouldn’t wish for anyone. My story is to warn you that this is not the common cold or the regular flu. This virus is serious.

I felt that I was immune to this coronavirus because I am healthy and young. But I was wrong.

At the beginning of February, I got an opportunity at NMDC Steel & Iron Plant Nagarnar, I joined as an SAP HR consultant. My role was primarily to ensure as an end-user of SAP software that I could teach the staff of the NMDC Personnel Department, so I needed to have constant contact with the laptop, the computer. News of a novel broadcast of coronovirus started appearing in NMDC employees. I had heard that this was a precarious situation, but the community transmission of the virus was not widespread.

‘I am sure, I will wash my hands,’ I will be at a social distance even after all the close contact with the employees. ‘Looking back, there were many opportunities for me to catch this virus. I did not take my health seriously. I thought I could avoid the virus, but it would probably be like the mild flu or a bad cold. I was not careful. I did not take the necessary precautions. I didn’t think that could happen to me.

The fact of the matter is – you never know.

After a week, the symptoms started to kick. On Sunday, February 07, I woke up with fever, chills, fatigue, generalized muscle aches, and joint pains. Probably just a bad case of the flu, isn’t it? Neither cough, nor shortness of breath, nor difficulty in breathing, nor difficulty in breathing. Just fever and chills.

Late evening of 08 February my first symptoms were feeling mild fever. I just took a Nemo Paracetamol and thought it would take care of it. The next morning, however, I continued to feel feverish and I measured it – 99 ° F. When I decided to test myself and my entire family because I have a 55-year-old mother, BP, and sugar patients, and my 56 years old Father. I immediately self-segregated into a separate room and waited anxiously for a test report. At 5 pm I was told that I tested positive but everyone including my mom and dad tested negative at home.

I was put on a course of Favipiravir, Azithromycin, and Paracetamol. Apart from this, I continued with my daily dose of Vitamin C, Vitamin D, Zinc, Baby Aspirin Not to mention my twice a week 200mg dose of HCQ!

Self Quarantine Days

It was a very difficult time when I never saw nature in my life without seeing it. Even I feel that I am the only person in the world who has committed some crimes and I am sentenced to 14 days imprisonment.

Day 2 & 3 were uneventful. I was measuring my oxygen saturation level twice a day. My temperature was normal, but on day 3 in the late evening, I felt flushed and it increased to days 4 and 5. There was no average temperature, but the smell of persistent sweat showed that my body was fighting the virus.

For 6 days, still cold in the morning, I opted to use ivermectin and try to help my body fight this virus. I tried a few home bodyweight workouts and immediately wrapped up comfortably and felt very nauseous. My body was still fighting this thing completely. Day 7: I woke up the night before in normal sweat, but felt no fever or chills during the day – I felt very improved. I told myself that I would make that day easier. I was begging and pleading with God for all this. By day 8, I started feeling better.

For 13 days, I had not used fever-reducing medication in six days. For the past few days, my symptoms were mostly limited to night-fatigue, sweating, chills, but by the 13th, all of my symptoms had completely gone away. I have resumed the exercise a little less and can now do a full-day workout.

My frequent companions in this period were my laptop, social media, and hotstar; Avoid TV because there is negative news to fight Covid-19!

Conformity Is The Jailer Of Freedom & The Enemy Of Growth


The reason behind this story is to encourage you to learn from my mistakes. Because I have not taken proper precautionary measures to stay safe from this virus.

This virus is real. To say that about two weeks ago I was feeling like my normal self. Because I am a “Healthy Young Adult”, but “Gentle” COVID-19 has made my life a “Living Hell”.

COVID-19 has made my life a "Living Hell".
COVID-19 has made my life a “Living Hell”.

The biggest concern is that many people show no symptoms, so you can spread the virus and injure the people you love without realizing it. We have no idea who owns it and who doesn’t, so please STAY HOME Social Distancing and Self-Quarantine is only important for yields.

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